Why the FUND ?

Lanta Digital Ventures is a Barcelona-based early stage venture capital fund focused in investing in innovative Spanish and European Startups with high potential growth.

The digital revolution is transforming worldwide economies and industries, moving large proportions of GDP from off-line to on-line.

To satisfy enterprise and consumer needs, from entertainment to work related aspects, the world is experiencing a digital revolution that has mobile, internet and connectivity as its core.

Large and established corporations find it very difficult to adapt their processes and cultural habits to launch disruptive business models that revolutionize the way things have been done.

Lanta Digital Ventures invests in...

Innovative Companies with Global Approach
Solving an Accepted Problem with a Clear & Marketable Solution
Clear Revenue Model & Massive Scale Potential
Great and Passionate Teams
Seeking Seed & Early Stage Investment

Our investment Focus

Future Milestones
  • Huge Addressable Market
  • Big Accepted problem
  • Clear & Marketable Solution
  • Proven Revenue Model
  • Massive Scale Potential
  • 5-12 person team
  • Life 6-24 months
  • Right Team in Place seeking a value-add investment partner
  • Develop Product
  • Recruit Top TRalent
  • Expand Market
  • Scale Business Infrastructure
  • Scale Customer Service & Operations
  • Become Profitable & Sustainable
  • Grow Fast

Do you fit the profile of Lanta Digital Ventures?
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