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Lanta Digital Ventures is a Barcelona-based early stage venture capital fund focused in investing in innovative Spanish and European Startups with high potential growth.

Lanta Digital Ventures invests in...
Innovative Companies with Global Approach
Solving an Accepted Problem with a Clear & Marketable Solution
Clear Revenue Model & Massive Scale Potential
Great and Passionate Teams
Seeking Seed & Early Stage Investment
Current and upcoming market disruptions are creating dramatic new value opportunities seeing Financial, Health and Education, among others, as large markets where capitalize the investment.
Internet Startups that develop advertising, ecommerce, gaming, media, social networking and enabling technologies.
Mobile Startups that program applications, communications, devices, gaming, monetization and enabling technologies.
Healthcare Startups that enable diagnostic services, healthcare IT, patient services and enabling technologies.
Technology Startups that engineer carrier infrastructure, data, open source, security, services and storage.